NSAV Announces Integration of MadHatter NFTs

NSAV Announces Integration of MadHatter NFTs

Grand News Network / July 3, 2024 2:50 PM

London, United Kingdom, 3rd Jul 2024 - Net Savings Link, Inc. (OTC: NSAV), a leading cryptocurrency, blockchain, and digital asset technology company, announced today the integration of MadHatterNFTs.com with the VAULT.

NSAV Announces Integration of MadHatter NFTs

Mad Hatter Non-Fungible Tokens (MHNFTs), now accessible via the VAULT, offer significant benefits for identification, verification, and security gating due to their unique properties and underlying blockchain technology.

Key Benefits of MHNFTs:


  1. Unique Digital Identity: Each NFT has a unique identifier and metadata, making it ideal for creating unique digital identities for individuals or assets.
  2. Immutable Records: Blockchain ensures that once an NFT is created, its information is permanent and tamper-proof, providing a secure digital identity.


  1. Authenticity Verification: NFTs can verify the authenticity of digital assets or identities by tracing their origin and confirming legitimacy on the blockchain. 
  2. Decentralized Verification: Verification does not rely on a central authority. The decentralized nature of blockchain allows anyone to independently verify the authenticity and ownership of an NFT.
  3. Smart Contracts: NFTs often come with smart contracts that automate verification processes, ensuring certain conditions are met before the NFT is transferred or accessed.

Security Gating

  1. Access Control: NFTs can control access to digital or physical spaces. Ownership of a specific NFT can grant access to exclusive content, events, or physical locations.
  2. Tamper-Proof Security: Blockchain's security features, such as cryptographic hashing and consensus mechanisms, make NFTs tamper-proof, ensuring robust access permissions and security gating.
  3. Programmable Features: NFTs can have programmable features enabling complex security gating mechanisms, such as expiration after a certain period or conditions contingent on other NFTs.
  4. Transparency and Auditability: All transactions involving NFTs are recorded on the blockchain, providing full transparency and an auditable trail of access and changes, making it easier to track and manage security credentials.

Q3 Integrations to the VAULT

  • Digital Identification: Leverages blockchain technology to create unique, secure, and verifiable digital identities.
  • Digital Passports: NFTs will serve as digital passports, providing a secure and verifiable method of identity verification for travel and immigration purposes.
  • NFT to SSO: Single Sign-On (SSO) systems will use NFTs for decentralized, verifiable authentication mechanisms.
  • Event Ticketing: Using NFTs for event ticketing ensures that tickets are genuine and not duplicated, providing a secure way to manage event access.
  • Supply Chain Management: NFTs will track the provenance of goods, ensuring items in the supply chain are genuine and untampered. This technology is the foundation of NSAV Marketplace.

Kevin Simon, CEO of NSAV, stated, "We believe the best way to block out the noise is by continuing to build incredible blockchain technology that reshapes how crypto is used in real life. By integrating the Mad Hatter NFT technology into the VAULT, we are showing the real value of NFTs as an enhanced verification tool and not just a cool picture. With this technology integration, we are adding an additional profit center to the company’s growing list of technology platforms and partnerships."

About Net Savings Link, Inc.: NSAV's vision is the establishment of a fully integrated technology company, which provides turnkey technological solutions to the Web3, blockchain and digital asset industries. The Company drives innovation in the digital currency space by developing advanced blockchain technologies, digital assets, and market solutions that bridge the gap between traditional business frameworks and the future of decentralized technology. The Company currently offers a wide range of services including software solutions, e-commerce, financial services, advisory services and information technology.

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